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We are not your average recruitment firm.  Most recruiters spend their days trying to meet corporate demands by cold calling busy hiring managers or sending unqualified resumes.  At TopHire, we believe in quality over quantity and focus on saving you time, rather than wasting it.  We pride ourselves on offering our customers and candidates value with every phone call, resume, or opportunity we send your way.      


Our Recruiters have been providing services to job seekers and hiring managers in California, Massachusetts, Washington DC, and Central NY for over 15 years.  We have a deep understanding of the job market, recruiting trends, and a vast network of customers and job seekers in almost every discipline.   

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Flexibility & Availability

TopHire was founded on the idea of freedom and flexibility.  We work virtually, leveraging the latest in technology to ensure we are available to our customers and candidates at all times. Our forward-thinking approach is appreciated by passive job seekers who prefer to discuss their job search after business hours.  You can often find one of our Recruiters speaking with candidates or sourcing for that perfect match on nights or weekends, all while remaining available to our clients during normal business hours.

Business Ethics

Many recruiters just pull resumes off job boards and send them to hiring managers with a fee attached.  At TopHire, we listen to our customers to understand their requirements and culture.  We customize our search based on their needs, and engage in confidential conversations with active and passive job seekers.  Once we identify a match, we release all pertinent information to our candidates, ensuring we have their permission and commitment of interest prior to sending their resume.  At TopHire it's not just about ethics, it's also about trust.   

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Sound like a great place to work?  It is!  All you need is a laptop and recruiting experience and you are steps away from the most lucrative commission package and flexible schedule in the industry.  Contact Wendy if you are an experienced recruiter and are interested in exploring the possibility of joining TopHire.